The Galloping Horse Scale 1


We are movement, in our actions we can ride this animal, or even be ourselves a galloping horse (e.g. in child play). But we are also movement in our perceptions. Between the many light diodes, it is impossible not to see the horse or to feel its strong galloping momentum on a hard, dusty tarmac. Our body senses this. With no more than 18 points the galloping movement is transmitted. With no shapes, no material, no colours the horse is present, created by our perception. Immaterial and yet so present, with an allure that is subtly unique.

It is impossible to describe the sculpture. It is only when you face the object that the presence of the horse comes to life through its movement.

The Scale 1 / Life Size Horses are sold for private collections and are also hired for light festivals and corporate / cultural events around the world from Los Angeles, to London, Jersualem and Bahrain and many other destinations...

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