Tranquilles / Tranquille

This work is about rowing, according to Brun "a cyclic, repetitive movement that leads to calmness". This applies of course to the rower himself, but what is really interesting is that this "calmness" also has an effect on the spectator. It is as if we ourselves are rowing, endlessly plunging the oars into the water ourselves. And there’s another aspect of this work that shows how we have great empathic abilities. With only forty LED lights on the surface of the water, we are able to recognise the movement of two people in a boat, a rower and a friend. We do this automatically, with no explanation needed.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

Rémi Brun: « My work mainly consists of an emptiness for the spectator to fill ». Again it is our empathy which has to do the job and again it is our brain which is set into motion. « It is then for the spectator to decide who these two people are ».

Rémi Brun was assigned to create this moving light sculpture around the theme of "Friendship" for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

A sculpture of a rower, alone, on the Riga Canal.

Tranquille, Staro Riga 2016

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